An Introduction (Again), I Suppose

I guess it’s time for me to make yet another explanation post explaining my absence, seeing as this is the blog I spent the most time on and I do genuinely appreciate each and every person who’s ever read my writing, or excuse for writing I should say, on here. It’s been since June since I made my last post, and since then things have been a bit complicated throughout. Nothing too major, mind you, but sometimes the stress of day to day life kept me from posting or writing anything for a while, but also a main contributing factor to my absence from here is this is the first month in a while where I have access to my own computer. Actually it was the end of last month, but I decided to continue my sabbatical into the first Monday of the new year in order to sort of make a promise to myself to sort things around. Yes, this may all be completely silly, me apologizing for not writing a blog when there are more important things I could be doing, however writing this blog presents me with an extra challenge, a rewarding challenge to try to actually get some things done for once; basically, it’s an exercise in helping me get back my motivation that has been lost from stress and anxiety over the years. And so far, it’s going swimmingly. Not moving at a fast pace yet, of course, but this morning I got up and wrote a decent sized movie review and a small little side-post I shall be posting after this, so while it’s only two new posts not counting this one at least I feel a little better posting those instead of nothing at all.

When more updates present themselves or when I feel like opening up some more, I shall make another post like this but until then I’ll just continue on how I posted when I first opened this blog. Again, thank you to everyone who’s read this blog, I really appreciate it.






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