An Appreciation of Abe, A Small Tribute


Today I felt the need to make a small tribute post to living legend, and the man who will outlive every form of society, Abe Vigoda. From his excellent portrayal of gangster Sal Tessio in The Godfather to his performance as deadpan, wacky curmudgeon police sergeant Phil Fish, Mr Vigoda has been delighting audiences with his cranky screen antics for multiple decades – and that is why he deserves to be named as a living legend and why he deserves a spot in everyone’s hearts. And even though he hasn’t really acted much in years, whenever he makes an appearance on tv he always brightens up every program he’s on.

Hopefully, since Abe seems to be immortal, we’ll have many more years to enjoy his presence here on Earth. Thanks for being you Abe, thanks for choosing to take up acting and delighting us all, and just simply thanks for existing.

Long live Abe Vigoda!



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