“Her” Review (2013)


Plot: A lonely writer develops an unlikely relationship with his newly purchased operating system that’s designed to meet his every need.

**Review contains some strong language**

The film world desperately needs more movies like this, more bittersweet, smart romantic movies that play against the type of usual romantic movies that we get. I cannot tell you how much I hate seeing trailers for modern romantic comedies or romantic movies in general because of how seriously fucking annoying they seem, movies like “Winter’s Tale” (which was terrible beyond belief), “Endless Love” (which really was annoying), and the “Think Like A Man” movies and their ilk, which make me utterly sick to my stomach. I hate the thought of movies like that, which are manipulative and are trying to force beliefs that men should act like complete goddamn douchebags and women should be oblivious to the fact that their douchebags and go with them instead of someone who’s right for them. It’s just idiotic. Spike Jonze’s brilliant “Her” is the best romantic comedy in years. Period. Very very very few romantic comedies of the past 15 years or so only come close to the magic that this film is, movies such as “(500) Days of Summer”, “About a Boy”, “Love Actually”, and, in a way, “Juno” to name the very few.


Spike Jonze writes a screenplay of just unbelievably uncommon power, a film about loneliness and romance that isn’t exploitative of its characters’ emotions that has genuine heart, embraces original ideas, and has warm, and actually funny humor. Jonze’s direction was also just astounding, with beautiful cinematography, colorful set design, and a barely-there science fiction concept that fit this movie like a glove.


Joaquin Phoenix’s utterly delightful and pitch perfect performance of lonely Theodore Twombly set the tone for this movie. It’s a grand performance that reminded me fondly of Steve Buscemi’s performance in “Ghost World”, another truly brilliant portrait of a lonely soul. I’m gonna go as far to say this might be the best performance Joaquin has ever given, it’s just that good. I’m almost considering ranking it above his career best performance as character Freddie Quell in “The Master”. And lest not forget Scarlett Johansson’s remarkably fresh voice-over performance as Theodore’s quote-unquote love interest Samantha.


In conclusion, Spike Jonze’s “Her” is a uncommonly brilliant, fresh, and original romantic comedy that is genuinely romantic, genuinely funny, and genuinely has heart. This movie should’ve swept this years Academy Awards, especially for Best Original Song (yes, I’m still pissed that “The Moon Song” didn’t win. No, I will not Let It Go. Yes, I realize how clever I am.) The talented cast of Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Smart, and Scarlett Johansson to name a few provide perfect performances in this elegant romantic tale with true emotions that should be required viewing for everyone.

My Rating: 10/10

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