A Year in The Life Of My Beautiful Movie Blog Kitty

For those of you who know this now, because of my post a long time ago, Mister Kitty is my lawyer/mascot. For those of you just joining this blog, my beautiful Korat kitty Sid is our official mascot. And while I’m currently writing up those posts I promised on my 1st Anniversary post, I thought i’d share some very adorable photos of him.


He’s wearing my Bob the Builder shirt from when I was like 5 ^^


aka – Shadinski Puffnstuff, Attorney at Law! ^^


How much for that kitty on the washer? ^^

download (4)


download (5)

He can totally rock a Strawberry Shortcake hat better than you! ^^


I got bored and put my grandma’s wedding hat on him ^^

sid (2)

Bowtie pussta ^^


True friendship ^^


Goofy puss on the washer again ^^


My marshmallow of a cat, whom I love so much! ^^


Thanks for reading!


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