Staff Pick #5: The Brown Bunny (2003)


The Brown Bunny is a 2003 independent movie written and directed by its main star Vincent Gallo about lonely motorcyclist Bud Clay whom, while on his way to a race, meets various women to attempt to cure his loneliness and longing, while retaining that only one certain woman from his past can truly satisfy him.

Why It’s a Staff Pick: Putting all the controversy over the infamous blowjob scene at the end aside, many will find The Brown Bunny to be tedious and boring – however, if you are willing to give it a chance like I did you might find a good movie within. There is a real sense of loneliness and longing built within this movie, scene after anti-climactic scene provides a view into Bud’s miserable existence. While Gallo’s writing could have used some work here and there, some scenes definitely could have ended quicker,” The Brown Bunny” is still a fairly good, albeit depressing movie that has brilliantly shot, striking cinematography and some fine performances from Gallo and Sevigny. “The Brown Bunny” is a film that is definitely not for everyone, however I say give it a chance – you may enjoy what you see.

My Rating: 7.5/10

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