Staff Pick #4: The Last House On The Left (1972)


The Last House On The Left is the infamous 1972 shocker about a pair of teenage girls who, when on route to a rock concert for one’s birthday and trying to score some marijuana, are kidnapped and brutally raped by psychotic convicts.

Why it’s a Staff Pick: This movie leaves no stone unturned. It’s graphic, shocking, unflinching, and very hard hitting. Not only is it a brilliant debut by the talented horror icon Wes Craven, but it’s also one of his best movies. And for very good reasons. He took a subject that most people where afraid to make a movie about and made it as shocking and realistic as he possibly could, but while however horrific this movie is it never feels exploitative. It handles itself like a Public Service Announcement and shows the ugly side of human nature in a very realistically awful way. That’s why I especially think it’s an important movie, because someone could use this to warn their children of the dangers of the real world. These things, as awful as they are, do happen and happen often. It’s a very smart, shocking, and intense movie – but not a movie for everyone’s tastes. If you think you can handle the graphic subject matter, then I urge you to watch this movie in it’s unrated, uncut form.

My Rating: 9/10

Thank you for reading!



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