…..and The Moon Song got screwed, too

So I have decided to have an official mini-review of this years Oscar telecast…nearly two weeks later. The material is usually there, but recently it’s taking a lot to put it to this blog and get things moving into fruition. That, and my computer connection has been spotty lately due to the ever falling snow in my area. I feel a bit like a selfish bastard when I don’t put anything on here, given I have a small audience now – something I’ve never had before, but admitting that makes me feel like an egomaniac. Basically, I’m a confusing person with writer’s block.

And there I go getting off of topic again. Thoroughly, I enjoyed this years Oscar telecast. Ellen is a terrific host, she was always spot on, and her zinger thrown towards Liza Minelli had me nearly in tears laughing. The only part of the Oscar telecast this year that bugged me in any sort of way was Bette Midler singing “Wind Beneath My Wings”. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Bette Midler. She’s a very talented person, a brilliant singer, and her performance that evening was as beautiful as ever. It’s just that I felt choosing that song was a bit awkward, and I have no real explanation for that opinion – many people, most, thought it was a beautiful moment, I found it to be a little awkward. Sorry Bette.

Thoroughly I was expecting some of the awards given. Some of my predictions were right, or half right, and many were wrong. Had a better percentage of right predictions last year. The title of this blog post comes from the fact that I desperately wanted “The Moon Song” to win for Best Original Song, it was a beautiful and melancholy song – and it fit its movie in a way no other song has fit its movie in quite some time, in my opinion. Now I haven’t seen Frozen yet but I adored Idina Menzel’s wonderous performance, and I love Pharrell Williams overly-infectious, catchy hit “Happy”, but I just connected so much with “The Moon Song” that I was willing to forget about the other nominees. Odd, yes, but what are ya gonna do? I did somewhat like U2’s “Ordinary Love”, however in my opinion it is far from their best work. No matter if “The Moon Song” didn’t win, it is still going to be my choice no matter what.

Thanks For Reading.


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