The Lone Ranger (2013) Review



Plot: Native American warrior Tonto recounts the untold tales that transformed John Reid, a man of the law, into a legend of justice.

**Review Contains Mild Language**

To start, this is again another conflicting movie to review. I remember years ago when I was little, I think around 8 or 9 years ago or so to be exact, they used to show The Lone Ranger tv show on a sort of public domain channel where I live and I’d watch it all the time. I can’t remember much of it but I do remember how great of a show it was, and of course I remember the fun chemistry between Tonto and The Lone Ranger. This movie here just makes the character of Tonto into a stereotypical mockery of what the character was, using ridiculous Native American cliches and that goddamn bird on Tonto’s head was extremely distracting. The writers should be ashamed.



The performances were actually pretty good compared to how I thought they’d turn out. Armie Hammer was surprisingly refreshing as John Reid, aka The Lone Ranger. He really took the character and made it his own, but  played it well and had fun with it. William Fichtner gave the best performance of the film, playing notorious outlaw Butch Cavendish. I genuinely enjoy watching him in every role he takes, he’s an excellent and underrated actor and does no different here; plays the role very well but is not afraid to have fun and ham it up a bit. Helena Bonham Carter was also very good playing a character named Red Harrington, a madam at a seedy whorehouse. And now we come to Johnny Depp. I don’t know what to say about his performance, I love him as an actor and he’s a cool guy but come on; Tonto deserved much better than this. That bird on his head, as I’ve said, and the white makeup on his face were ridiculously distracting, and I felt like it made a mockery out of a once great character. Does that mean his performance was bad? No it does not, infact he gave a pretty good performance besides the fact that they turned Tonto into a walking cliche. Ugh, that goddamn bird really drove me nuts!!



And now we come to the direction. The direction was infact the best part of this movie; I never doubt Gore Verbinski, I enjoy his movies and he really knows how to direct an excellent action sequence. And I thoroughly enjoyed the classic western stylistic approach he took with the set design. Marvelous! Not to mention I absolutely adored the score, Hans Zimmer and Jack White make a great combo!



Three people were in charge of the story: Justin Haythe, Ted Elliot, and Terry Rossio. This could’ve been the well-written blockbuster it should’ve been, but these writers fucked it all up by taking the easy way out; numerous cliches were thrown abound, the characters were all oddly written, and the structure of the film — while at first charming, showing Tonto retelling his tale to a young child who was full of wonderment at the site of it all — grew tired fast. But strangely enough the film remained very fun to watch and was actually and surprisingly quite humorous at times.


In conclusion, “The Lone Ranger” is not the movie it could’ve been; it very well could’ve been a well made film, but instead the writers took the cheap way out and turned it into something tawdry. But I am willing to forgive all of that for now because this movie was just too damn fun to watch; well directed action scenes, lighthearted comedy, Johnny Depp as Tonto (besides that ridiculous bird) and an excellently designed classic western set made this movie better than it should’ve been. It really is the perfect 2013 summer popcorn flick. If you too are willing to forgive the ridiculous way they remade Tonto and turn your brain off for a while to enjoy the fun ride, then I can recommend this to you.

My Rating: 7/10

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