My Personal Movie Rating System, Vol 1 – Version 1

The way I grade movies can be a bit eccentric at times, so I decided to create my own personal rating system and share it with you, the viewers. I apologize for lack of posts recently, this has been a very odd month.





We’ll start at the top and work our way to the bottom:

10/10 = Absolutely Flawless

9/10 or 9.5/10 = Beyond greatness, Nearly Flawless, Almost Masterpiece (*Depending on the movie in question**)

8/10 or 8.5/10 = Very very good, Nearly Achieving Greatness (*Depending on the movie in question**)

7/10 or 7.5/10 = Still pretty good, Not Great however quite watchable (*Depending on the movie in question**)

6/10 or 6.5/10 = Okay, Alright, Eh (*Or depending on the movie in question – Still quite watchable**)

5/10 or 5.5/10 = Getting Bad

4/10 or 4.5/10 = Bad

3/10 or 3.5/10 = Worse

2/10 or 2.5/10 = Utterly useless

1/10 or 1.5/10 = Horrible, Terrible, Worthless Abomination

0 = Fucking Beyond Abysmal!   




Well, there you have it. Again I apologize, for the unrelated movie rating system pictures.

Actually, I’d like to thank whomever created this rating scale photo, it works pretty well for this post:


Thanks for Reading!


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