The Paperboy (2012) Review



Plot: A reporter returns to his Florida hometown to investigate a case involving a death row inmate.


Yet another tough movie to review for me. “The Paperboy” is a structurally uneven, often times odd film that while is not a cinematic triumph, it is still somewhat worth watching, in my opinion. Lee Daniels with novelist/screenplay writer Peter Dexter brings us this southern fried tale of murder and racism in 1960’s Florida.



The direction for this film was pretty good, nice shots, wonderfully cinematography. Can’t say so much for the writing, though. The story is uneven, and sort of been there done that, but it does offer a nice surprise here and there occasionally.

The performances were what made this film. Zac Effron actually got himself out of those clunky predictable teen movies and gave a pretty nice performance. Matthew McConaughey, while not giving the best performance of his career, gave what was the best performance, and he also had the most interesting character, of the entire movie. We also had John Cusack playing a death row inmate, again, not the best performance of his career, but still passable.



Nicole Kidman’s performance was not too great in my opinion though, which is too bad as I do like her as an actress (especially in “Cold Mountain). It wasn’t particularly a bad performance at all, but a little disappointing due to the magnificent performances she has previously given. The most surprising turn was by musician Macy Gray (know for her late 90’s song “I Try”) in a side role as Anita, Jack and Ward’s family’s maid.


All in all, “The Paperboy” is an odd mess of a movie, it’s not horrible, but it’s not too grand either. It is, like I’ve previously stated, “been there done that” in the exact definition of the phrase. Definitely not the best movie of 2012, but it packed enough little surprises here and there to keep me engaged in the storyline. This is a movie that I can’t recommend, but I also can in a way. I think you, the reader, should probably make up your own mind if you wish to see this or not.

RATING: 7/10

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