Evil Dead [2013] Review and Rant

So, I’ve finally seen the remake of Evil Dead. And now it’s time for my rant/review. First off, besides the Toy Story series, the original Evil Dead trilogy is probably my favorite film series of all time. And I was more than pissed off when I heard that they were gonna do a remake. Infact, the first two Evil Dead films are on my top 10 greatest horror movies of all time list.

greatest horror top 10




The original trilogy is practically perfect; landmark special effects, brilliant writing, excellent dark comedy, and not to mention the character Ash play perfectly by Bruce Campbell. That’s reason #1 why I was pissed about the remake: THEY DIDN’T INCLUDE ASH!! What’s the point of making an Evil Dead film without Ash?? A cameo appearance at the end would’ve been nice at least. Reason #2 why I’m pissed they made remade the film is the fact that they didn’t include the series signature dark comedy. Not one moment in the film had any darkly comedic elements. Shame!

th (5)

Now on to the actual review. The screenplay was written by the film’s director Fede Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues, the two of which never really made a big name film at the time. I wanna state outright the story was actually well-written, however the characters were so moronic almost to the point in which me and my mom were literally screaming at the screen. Probably some of the worst, most idiotic written characters in recent memory. Again, they didn’t include the signature blend of dark comedy, which made me immediately subtract some points off of my rating of the movie.


The direction, by Fede Alvarez, was the thing that really made this movie pop. The character models for the demons were unbelievably wonderful, the makeup was spectacular, and the gore effects were so well-rendered and brilliant that they could make even the master of gore effects himself, Tom Savini, salivate. And I praise them ever so much for getting at least the gore effects perfect.


In conclusion, while it may seem like I slammed this remake more than I praised it, I must say I’m surprised how well it turned out. I thought it’d be absolutely beyond belief abysmal, but it turned out to be actually watchable. While the characters were horrifically annoying and moronic, the story and the gore special effects more than made up for it. I’m not gonna recommend this movie to Evil Dead fans outright, but I must say give it a chance you may end up being surprised and liking it somewhat.

My Rating: 7/10.


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