An Ultimate Film Pairing, A Match Made in Film Heaven.

I got the idea to do this post when I saw on IMDB’s Film General message boards a thread entitled “What 2 Marquee Stars Who Haven’t Worked Together Yet Would You Like To” and I immediately answered it. The obvious answer for me: Bill Pullman and Jeff Daniels.



For me, this question was a no-brainer. I think it would be beyond belief wonderful if Jeff and Bill teamed up, they’re two equally wonderful actors who have been in great films giving fantastic performances. Let me take a little time to break down a list, separately, of their best work (that I’ve seen);

Bill Pullman: “Spaceballs”, “The Serpent and the Rainbow”, “Sleepless in Seattle”, “While You Were Sleeping”, “Lost Highway”, “The Killer Inside Me”

Jeff Daniels: “Terms of Endearment”, “Something Wild”, “The Purple Rose of Cairo”, “Arachnophobia”, “Speed”, “Dumb and Dumber”, “Pleasantville”, “The Squid and The Whale”, “Good Night and Good Luck”, “Traitor”, “Howl”, “Away We Go”, “Looper”

Jeff’s Best Performance: “The Squid and the Whale”

Jeff’s Overall Best Movie: “Something Wild” (just slightly over The Squid and the Whale”


Bill’s Best Performance: “Lost Highway”

Bill’s Overall Best Movie: “While You Were Sleeping”


Granted, I’ve seen more movies/tv shows that star Jeff Daniels, but they are two brilliant actors that I have respected for quite some time, and they really need to team up! That’d be a dream come true for me! Perhaps they could play brothers, or fellow cops, perhaps drug dealers, or teachers. I don’t know, but I really wish they’d make one movie together.

Thank You For Reading!


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