Staff Movie Pick: The Door in the Floor

Since I’m the only one who runs this blog currently and officially, occasionally I will be posting “staff picks”; movies I think that are brilliant, out of the ordinary, and completely worth watching. This posts pick: director Tod Williams’ quirky, heartfelt dramedy “The Door in the Floor”.


The movie stars Jeff Bridges, in one of both his best roles and best performances, as a famous children’s author named Ted Cole who, while separated from his wife (played wonderfully by Kim Basinger), hires a young man as his writing assistant but eventually uses him as both a pawn and a catalyst in an attempt to gain sole custody of his five year old daughter. Through the succession of plot comes moments of fleeting sexuality, quirky comedy, and some really heart-wrenching moments, particularly near the end of the movie (not a spoiler, a part of the main plot..>>>>) while Bridges is explaining to his assistant how his two young sons died.

Paired with equally brilliant performances from Bridges and Basinger, and a fantastic screenplay, Tod Williams’ “The Door in the Floor” is a tragic, but often times funny dramedy that is definitely worth the time to see. I highly recommend it.

Thank you for reading!


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