The Single Greatest Movie of 2013; So Far…

There have been many great, good, lovely, mediocre, and bad movies this year, but the one that I think so far takes the cake for Best of 2013 is “The Place Beyond the Pines”, by a short margin (just slightly ahead of “Side Effects”, in my opinion).


What makes this film so great is one simple blissful thing that not too many people can accomplish anymore: a well-written ORIGINAL story. The film stars Ryan Gosling in a lead role as a stuntman who, after learning he is a father to a child from a one-night stand, goes into a life of crime to provide for the child. This is the film, in my opinion, that Ryan Gosling will have the most chances of winning a Best Actor Oscar at the next Academy Awards, and for a very good reason.



He is a very talented actor. Pair that with a great screenplay, a piercing, raw original score, brilliant direction and cinematography, not to mention great performances from Bradley Cooper, Eva Mendez, Ben Mendelsohn, and Dane DeHaan. Bonus, you get an original story about a father who wishes to provide for his son at any lengths, which is noble and really rings true. There are ways this could’ve gone wrong, the movie could’ve ended up not working at all, but it didn’t; it was original, tense, daring, and exciting. And that, my audience, is why I think “The Place Beyond the Pines” is the very best of 2013, and possibly will be that title at the end of the year. I highly recommend seeing it.

Rating: 10/10

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