An Introduction, I Guess..Sorta..

Well hello, welcome to my blog in which I ramble on about movies like I’m a real writer but really I’m just a bored boy with a slight obsession with journalism. I’ve had numerous blogs before, over the years, but this is the one I think I’m most happiest with and most proud of. I’m not a pro when it comes to writing articles or reviews, so do be aware of that and advised ahead of time. Pretty much the entire blog will be about movies, movie history, reviews, articles, pieces, etc. but I may fray from topic from time to time. I’ve been blogging off and on, mostly off, for about three years now and I have terrible time focusing, but I do believe that I will make a huge effort with this one. I hope. Well, again, thanks for reading, I hope you, the reader, enjoys him/herself, and I hope I’m not too offputting or ridiculous for everyone…

Take Care.Image


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